American Dreams

Postwar happy family 1946

Never was the  American Dream more potent or more seductive than in Mid-Century America.

The USA stood united and confident at the apex of global power and consumer abundance,racing boldly and confidently into the future.

Moving foward at ever increasing speed was what Americans expected from their country, their cars, their consumer goods and their economy.

This buoyant optimism stands in sharp contrast to the current gloom and downsizing we are living today.

America’s soaring can-do confidence had always promised us a sugar-frosted future filled with  abundance and economic prosperity. However that buoyant bubble of optimism has gone bust. Along with our jobs, savings, retirement funds and our split level homes, the American Dream has gone into foreclosure.

American Dreams: New and Improved?

It is difficult to conceive of a time when the world was not obsessed with pessimism and doubt.

Angry demonstrators are attacking banks and corporations, opposing oil and gas drilling, while others distrust politicians and the very foundation of our government.

At the same time, our schools are getting a failing grade, our infrastructure crumbling and our healthcare system seems to be in septic shock.

While pundits  vie with one another offering where the 21st century is headed,  I take a look back at our collective past, a time not too long ago, when our trust in the government, technology, big business and science as positive forces that will help us move forward in achieving the American Dream, were at their zenith.


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